Saturday, May 5, 2012

Other Rating Lists

UCI Engines Ligue (UEL) is a French language blitz rating list. Though the rating list is no longer maintained, the website is still active and contains a wealth of information as well as the UEL database.

SWCR was a rating list maintained by Frank Quisinsky (in German and English) from 2009 until January, 2012. The database, which is of quite good quality, is still available for download, as well as opening books constructed by Frank.

Leo Dijksman maintains a rating list based on the accumulated games from the WBEC tournament.

Clemens Keck has a blitz rating list, though I am not sure if it is still active.

Sedat Canbaz occasionally constructs rating lists from his engine-engine matches.

There are many more rating lists, some made public and some maintained in private.