Saturday, May 5, 2012

ATOMICC Computer Chess Testing

ATOMICC Computer Chess Testing is a new rating list conducted by Brent M. It focuses on testing the top engines under non-varying conditions (much like IPON). The games produced are high quality.


AMD Phenom II 1100T 6 CPUs @ 3.7 GHz
16 GBs of memory @ 2,000 MHz

10' + 10" increment (10 minutes per game + 10 seconds per move)
1 CPU with 64-bit engines and SSE4 technology where possible
Ponder (permanent brain) = On
Hash = 512 MBs
Learning = Disabled
3-, 4-, and 5-man endgame bases on an internal SSD, using 64 MBs cache when applicable
Book = Silver Opening Suite. Both sides play each of the 50 openings as White and Black, making it a 100-game match.


High quality engines playing on high quality (and overclocked) equipment with relatively long time control produces high quality games (which are made available to all).


Only top tier engines are tested.