Saturday, May 5, 2012


The Computer Chess Rating List (CCRL) was founded in 2006 by Graham Banks, Ray Banks, Sarah Bird, Kirill Kryukov and Charles Smith. Similar to the CEGT in several ways (indeed, the founding members were/are testers for the CEGT), it is most well-known for the amount of statistical information (derived from its databases) that it provides to the public. Also of note, it provides the only known FRC (Chess960) rating list.


Tournament time controls are determined by results of a Crafty benchmark (performed on the tester's computer(s)).
Each engine is allowed approximately 128 MB of hash per cpu.
Common, neutral opening books and starting positions are used.
Ponder off.

Tests a wide range of engines under a wide range of conditions. Provides a wealth of statistical information. FRC rating list.
I am a member :-).


The precision of the CCRL's results are affected by the use of multiple, non-identical computers and various books/starting positions. The focus on testing many different engines under various conditions limits the number of games that can be conducted for a particular engine, thus lowering the accuracy of its estimated rating.