Saturday, May 5, 2012


Kirr's Chess Engine Comparison (KCEC) is a rating list (and much more) maintained by Kirill Kryukov since 2005. Superficially, it is a rating list which can be considered ancillary to the CCRL 40/4 lists (the KCEC database is also a subset of the CCRL 40/4 database). The great value in Kirill's work is not the rating list itself, but the bug reports and the statistical analysis he has performed on the data. Statistics concerning draw rates, ECO, openings, ponder hits, and more can be found there.


•Time Control: Equivalent to 40 moves in 4 minutes on AMD X2 4600+ at 2.4GHz. Crafty 19.17 BH (Brian Hoffman's compile) is used as a benchmark to determine the equivalent time control for particular machine. Time control is perpetually repeating: An engine receives another 4 minutes on move 41, on move 81, and so on.

•Pondering: OFF.

•Number of threads (or cores): 1 for all engines.

•Hash tables size: 128 MB or the nearest possible smaller size.

•Opening book: Any neutral book (not tuned to any particular engine), limited to 8 moves for each side. The same book is used for both sides in any game. Engine's own books are disabled.

•Book learning: OFF.

•Position learning: OFF.

•Endgame tablebases: Eugene Nalimov's tablebases and all engine's own format tablebases are provided, for up to 5-piece endgames. EGTB hash size is set to 32 MB where applicable.

•Adjudication by winning evaluation: OFF.

•Adjudication by EGTB: OFF.

•Adjudication by drawing evaluation: OFF.