I would like to thank the following people, who in one form or another have helped me with the material for this blog:

Steve Blincoe : I would not be able to post about dedicated chess computers with any competence without his valuable input.

Julien MARCEL : I was inspired by Julien's evaluation of chess products for iOS devices at TalkChess, so I decided to cover both iOS (using his material) and Android apps in my bog.

Dann Corbit : He graciously gave me his opinion concerning the available open source engine codes.

Mark Lefler and Gerd Isenberg : My desire to provide information about the field of computer chess was inspired, in part, by Chess Programming Wiki. I thank Mark Lefler for founding CPW, and Gerd Isenberg for the incredible amount of work that he has put into the wiki.

Ron Murawski : Ron's Computer Chess Wiki is my other inspiration. This blog can be considered a watered-down amalgamation of the Chess Programming Wiki and the Computer Chess Wiki.

Norm Pollock : Norm's utilities have been unbelievably useful to me for extracting information from chess databases and for molding that information into a form I can enter into Open Office. I would not be able to do anything of interest (to me) without Norm.

Kirill Kryukov : My friend Kirill is the reason why I became enamored with this hobby. The interesting investigations he has made into the nature of computer chess inspired me to do the same.

Brent M : His ATOMICC Computer Chess Testing blog made me realize that I could create a blog as well.

Charles Browne : Charles corrected some factual errors I made and contributed information and material to me. I hope he sees fit to continue this in the future.

Fernado Villegas : I am thanking him for not sending his henchmen after me :), and for the promise of future contributions from him to this blog.

Ray, Graham, Shawn, Gábor, Charles, and Denis : I thank the other active members of CCRL for their support in my goal to include the engines of the Also-Ran list into the CCRL 40/4 rating lists. Especially Ray, since he has the job of including the information for each of these engines into the CCRL website. And though he is not active at the moment, I do not want to forget my friend Aser.

Roger Brown : His inclusion here is simply because he is my friend. Also, this might help me get him to contribute material concerning Winboard :) .

Miguel Ballicora : His friendship and his support for my computer chess experimentations have been priceless to me.