Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chess for Mobile Devices: CHESS PRO

CHESS PRO ($9.99): A chess program created by Christophe Théron for iOS devices. The engine within the program is Christophe's famous Chess Tiger.

From the description at the App store:

CHESS PRO is the most advanced chess program on the App Store, designed for all players from beginners to masters, featuring a chess rules book, a teacher mode, 28 trainer levels, graphical coaching and analyzing modes, a world class chess engine and much more…

CHESS PRO is both a partner and an opponent able to adapt to your strength and help you to improve your chess... Everywhere!

NEW: a collection of more than 3600 classical and historical games is now included in the app! Watch a 13 years old Bobby Fischer defeat a grandmaster in the game of the century! Enjoy replaying the games of the greatest players of all times: Capablanca, Philidor, Steinitz, Lasker, Morphy, and many others!

- The rules of chess are included and easily accessible for reference.
- Just tap on a piece and the app shows you its legal moves.
- 28 trainer levels of increasing difficulty designed to improve your chess skills are provided.
- The chess engine is of very high quality, the guarantee to learn from a good professor.
- Naturally CHESS PRO knows and applies perfectly all the official rules of chess.
- CHESS PRO can warn you when your opponent is about to play a very dangerous move.
- CHESS PRO can watch over your shoulder and suggest up to 4 good moves.

- Both USCF and FIDE rating scales are supported.
- CHESS PRO has the Chess Tiger engine built in. It is currently one of the strongest chess engines for mobile devices: it is optimized for 32 bits mobile processors.
- On recent devices it reaches a level close to 2700 Elo (grandmaster).
- CHESS PRO (Chess Tiger engine) has been ranked twice as the number one chess engine on the SSDF list (the worldwide recognized and independent computer's rating list).
- You can save your games in collections and replay them later.
- You can exchange games with your friends very easily by email (both for sending and receiving).
- You can set up any position.
- The chess engine displays its thinking, up to 20 plies ahead.
- You can analyze a game by replaying it. CHESS PRO tells you when a bad move has been played by coloring it in red. The 4 best moves in every position are colored in green.
- CHESS PRO supports variations and allows you to test "What if..." scenarios without erasing your current game.

- High Definition graphics on iPhone 4 & 4S and iPod touch 4, anti-aliased soft graphics for all the other devices.
- 15 gorgeous predefined visual themes that you can also customize.
- 9 chess pieces sets (wood, ebony & ivory, metal, glass, …).
- 14 board styles (marble, blue marble, wood, metal, stone, …).
- A collection of 3600 famous games of the greatest players of all times.
- "Reload last game" allows you to retrieve the most recent game, even if you have forgotten to save it.
- 4 different playing styles, ranging from the quiet to suicidal, which you can apply to all the levels.
- Includes an opening book of more than one million moves. And it can be turned off.
- Many customization options (graphics, sounds, engine output…).

Screenshots :