Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chess for Mobile Devices - Chess Legends

Chess Legends ($0.99) : A iOS chess app created by Schogini Systems featuring Komodo 4, one of the top chess engines (created by Don Dailey and Larry Kaufman). From a Schogini press release:

Technopark based Schogini Systems today announced its foray into the artificial intelligence gaming industry with games for iPhones and iPads. The company has partnered with two of the leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Chess engine creators Don Dailey and American Chess Grand Master Larry Kaufman to offer Komodo 4 on mobile and Facebook platforms. (Komodo 4 is rated as one of the top two chess engines in the world).

Here is the description found at the ITunes App store:

The Komodo dragon shall rise....pave way to the most treasured strategical game of all time...Chess.

Powered by World's No.2 AI Chess Engine "KOMODO 4.0"..
Chess Legends is here to rule the charts!

This elegant app's AI analyzes every possible moves and provides gripping gameplay.

4 wicked themes!
4 intimidating levels!
3 tempting timer modes!

and much more ...

All these features are bound to leave you drooling and loving chess like never before..

Your nail-biting day starts today!


* World's most powerful AI Chess Engine "KOMODO 4.0".
* PLAY AGAINST COMPUTER - Enhance your tactical skills.
* PLAY FRIENDS - Face off with your best mates!
* PASS AND PLAY - Battle among friends. Show off WHO OWNS THE GAME!!
* Thrilling difficulty levels - EASY, MEDIUM, HARD, GRANDMASTER to provide perfect challenge.
* SUDDEN DEATH, FISCHER, CLASSIC - 3 timer modes ensuring exciting gameplay.
* Manually save games at any point of progress except for CLASSIC mode.
* Save game in .PGN format in the SD card.
* Email game in .PGN format anytime.
* Choose your desired coins - BLACK or WHITE.
* Interrupted games are instantly SAVED.
* Standard Algebraic Notation (SAN) used for moves.
* Preview move history.
* 4 sophisticated themes to play at.
* Cutting-edge graphics with highly contrasting backgrounds.
* Stunning sound effects and striking interactions.
* Simple to use interface.

One reviewer, Julien MARCEL, said the following:

It's a very pleasant app on the iPhone, with an interface that has it's own identity (for a change!).

Julien did say that the graphics needed more work to look great on an IPad. But, at a price of $0.99, it is a great buy.

Here are a few screenshots:

Here is a short video demonstration of Chess Legends: